Intermediate Taekwondo

Gold Coast Intermediate International (I.T.F.) Taekwondo 8th Gup to 4th Gup

Gold Coast (I.T.F) Intermediate Taekwondo 8th Gup (yellow belt ) to 4th Gup (blue belt) is for the Taekwondo student that has gained the minimum rank of 8th Gup or has come from another striking martial arts style such as Karate or Muay Thai and has a minimum of 12 months experience. These classes are far more advanced than beginner classes in all areas, such as self defence, striking, breaking, technical application and physical fitness.

In Gold Coast (I.T.F.) Intermediate Taekwondo classes all students are issued with a training manual enabling the student to clearly understand their training and grading requirements. Higher level (intermediate level) kicking and striking combinations, joint locks, take downs, patterns, self defence, power breaking, step sparring, free sparring, pressure points, weapon defence and blunt weapons are all introduced at this level.

In Gold Coast (I.T.F.) Intermediate Taekwondo students have the opportunity to grade (move up a belt level) every three months. These gradings are held at Baekjul Taekwondo Headquarters in (Southport) Gold Coast, Queensland. (Baekjul Black Belt Academy).

Gold Coast (I.T.F.) Intermediate Taekwondo students also have the advantage of training with the advanced (I.T.F.) Taekwondo colored belt students and (I.T.F.) Black Belts in the mixed level classes which are run 2 days per week, in addition to the gold coast intermediate Taekwondo classes. National and international tournaments, seminars and camps are also available and run 2 to 3 times per year.

Gold Coast (I.T.F) Intermediate Taekwondo students have the opportunity to compete in local, national and international tournaments if they wish. There are no expectations of the Gold Coast (I.T.F.) Intermediate Taekwondo student to compete as all students are treated as individuals with unique goals. Although extra classes in free sparring, patterns and power breaking are scheduled for those students whom wish to embrace the competitive side of (I.T.F.).Taekwondo.


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